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Florida Suboxone Doctors

by Lauren Pesce

Opiate addiction plagues the lives of millions of people. Throughout Florida, residents suffer from the epidemic that is most widely known as prescription pill addiction. Opiate dependence creates struggles in the economy, in families, and within the user him or herself. Florida Suboxone doctors are specially trained to recognize opiate addiction and provide effective medication-assisted treatment that helps to restore balance and stability in an otherwise volatile existence.

Opiate Addiction & Suboxone

Few medications have been proven to effectively reduce opiate withdrawal and prevent cravings with minimal side effects. Suboxone is one of the first FDA approved medications that is proven effective in treating opiate addiction. By administering a dose of Suboxone, a Florida doctor can help you to overcome opiate addiction with less chance for relapse, fewer cravings and fewer withdrawal symptoms along the way. Unlike other methods of medication assisted opiate addiction treatment, Suboxone has a limited risk of causing drug dependence and it can generally lead to greater success in recovery.

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Suboxone is a prescription medication that has been proven by the FDA to effective reduce withdrawal symptoms, prevent cravings and help to treat opiate addiction. The medication has two active ingredients: Buprenorphine & Naloxone. Each works in a specific way to provide symptom reduction for the user. The first, Buprenorphine, works as an opioid to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. The latter, Naloxone, works to prevent the user from feeling intoxicated eliminating the pleasure of using opiates. Together, these two medications make up Suboxone which is a highly effective medication very widely used by Florida doctors in the treatment of opiate dependence.

Important Information about Suboxone

Don't be tricked into thinking that Suboxone is non-addictive or 100% safe. A Florida Suboxone doctor will fully asses your healthy, psychological well-being, addiction and lifestyle before prescribing you Suboxone. It is important to be fully honest with the Florida Suboxone doctor in order to receive proper medical treatment and care. This includes telling the truth about your drug use history, your health and your lifestyle.

Suboxone use can lead to drug dependence. Before you take Suboxone, talk with your Florida doctor about the risks involved and the precautions that you can take to ensure that you don't fall victim to Suboxone addiction. If you do become physically dependent on Suboxone, the Florida Suboxone doctor will help to wean you off of the drug to reduce any subsequent withdrawal symptoms while you adjust.

While taking Suboxone, you may experience drowsiness or dizziness. It's important to avoid driving or operating heavy equipment when you first begin taking Suboxone. Talk with your Florida doctor about any further precautions that you should take to ensure safe dosing procedures. If symptoms of dizziness or drowsiness persist, your doctor may prescribe a smaller dose to reduce the side effects that you are feeling.

Do Not Take Suboxone If:

  • You are allergic to buprenorphine
  • You are allergic to naloxone
  • You are allergic to any inactive ingredients in medication tablets
  • The medication is not prescribed to you
  • You have breathing problems or lung disease
  • You have liver or kidney problems
  • You have a brain injury, head injury or similar problem
  • You have been diagnosed with dementia or other mental health problems

Suboxone Administration

Suboxone is administered by a Florida Suboxone doctor either in the office or in a prescription that is taken home by the patient. Your doctor may choose to administer the first few doses of Suboxone in his office so that he can monitor you and ensure that he adjusts the dose to a proper level in which adequate comfort is obtained. The medication is dissolved under the tongue for about two minutes and should not be chewed or swallowed. Taking Suboxone other than how the Florida doctor prescribes it can lead to serious complications, withdrawal symptoms or other side effects that are not welcomed by the user.

Injecting Suboxone can lead to fatal overdose or serious withdrawal symptoms. Do not inject Suboxone!

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A Florida Suboxone doctor may prescribe Suboxone for you in increments up to 30 days at a time. Most doctors will require that patients come back in for regular visits to ensure that their health and other elements of their lives remain on track while receiving the medication assisted treatment. Depending on your situation, you may take Suboxone for a few weeks, months or up to a year or more. The most effective Suboxone treatment is typically paired with behavioral therapy and counseling to provide both physical and psychological healing for the user.

If you've suffered from opiate dependence for many years, you may find that you need to take Suboxone much longer than the average individual who has only used opiates for a short period of time. Talk with your Florida doctor about other measures that you can take to help reduce your risk of relapse and ensure complete recovery from your addiction. It's important to note that Suboxone is not an as-needed medication. It must be taken successively in order to continue to provide the quality, effective means of recovery that users are looking for.

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